A and AA Leagues (6-8 Year Olds)

All first-year players aged 6 and 7 will automatically begin at the A level. This level serves as their introduction to organized baseball and emphasizes the fundamentals and the basic rules of the game. Coaches at the A level will continue to handle all the pitching to their own team. The AA level is for second year 7 year olds and 8 year olds. At AA, kids will pitch to each other in games for the first time and focus on improving fundamentals while introducing some more elements of the game in preparation for the upper levels of league play.

AAA and Major Leagues (9-12 Year Olds)

We believe we will see the biggest benefits at the AAA and Majors levels. At the AAA level, players will take on greater responsibilities within the game and learn competitive strategies. Our Majors teams will be made up of the most experienced and most talented players, and without the age restrictions, we will be able to either shrink or expand the number of teams at each of these levels based on the players in the league. By adding flexibility for roster-building at these two upper levels, we can best serve all our players by placing them at the level most appropriate to their baseball development.