MPLL American League - MPLL American League is intended for players aged 11 and 12 years old. American League Play is competitive with emphasis on continued player skill development. 

MPLL Farm League - Farm League is open to players aged 6-8 years old. The league is a combination of player and coach pitched baseball focused on developing fundamental baseball skills.

MPLL National League - MPLL National League is for players aged 9-10 years old. National League is a player pitched division for both recreational/competitive players. Strong emphasis is placed in this division on continued skill development for young baseball players.


Over 300 people came to Mt. Pleasant's Island Park on June 9, 1953 to watch young Milt Otteman pitch Cole's Campus Store to a 6-5 victory over Johnson Oil. Little League Baseball in Mt. Pleasant had officially begun.

Planning for that first game had been going on for some time, of course. The particulars of the league had been worked out by a 22 man organizational committee that included: Ron Cooper, Jack Beatty, Milt Swingle, Reverend Father Frank Karl, Dr. J.A. Sweeney, Floyd Otteman, John Lee, Carlo Barberi, Vaughn Geiger, Bob Archey, Floyd Dinius, Roger White, Alice Howard, Dick Krauss, Allan Kronbach, Earl McVey, Steve Fox, Paul Brandt, Ruele Cole, Milo Jones, Doug McFarlane and Jerry McCord.

Interest in youth baseball was keen as over 400 people turned out to an informational meeting held at Pullen School in early May. The group heard representatives of the Midland Little League discuss the organization and the benefits of taking part.

On May 13, 1953 Beatty was elected President of the Little League with Herm VanDrie serving as Vice President, Otteman as secretary, Krauss as Player Agent, Fran Call as Equipment Manager, Dan Rose as Commissioner and Dinius as Umpire in Chief. Kronbach, Archer, Barberi and Fox were named to the Board of Directors. The group voted to incorporate and selected the site of the games as the corner of Michigan and Fessenden in Mt. Pleasant.

Sponsors and team managers were selected, tryouts were held and, on June 2, 1953, 124 boys were selected to six teams including: Cole's Campus Store (Ron Cooper manager), Johnson Oil Company (Bob Davis manager), Jones-McCord (Glen Davis manager), Leonard Pipeline (Bob Denny manager), McFarlane Dairy (Ken Wright manager) and Roosevelt Oil (Fr. Frank Karl manager). Johnson Oil will begin it's 40th season as little league sponsor next year.

The ten game season progressed through to mid August with Punky (Maynard) Young pitching the league's first no hitter and Jack Brewster belting the first homerun. But in the end it was Ace Krauss's one hitter over Roosevelt Oil that secured the league title for Leonard Pipeline.

Little League baseball was underway in Mt. Pleasant. Several changes have been made over the years as the original league has grown and split into city and township leagues. The number of teams has expanded as well as the number of facilities. But the call of "play ball" still brings out the young sluggers with their dreams of playing in the major league stadiums some day!